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This theme has two plugins included, which are   Email Subscriber Add subscription forms on website, send HTML newsletters & automatically notify subscribers about new blog posts once it gets published. Plugin Features Send notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published. Option to schedule mail (Cron job option) or send them manually. Collect customer emails by adding a subscription box (Widget/Shortcode/PHP Code). Double ...

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Additional Post Features

Passport theme support the additional post features as following. Program schedule You can set the event schedule by using the progarm schedule in each post. It can set the event start, the event finish and the event place. Progress Bar You can set the status of your project here. For example: 50%. Drop cap This feature will create the big size at the text you ...

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How to create the gallery grid in your camera

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Theme Customizer

Passport theme has theme customizer to control the web design. Layout. You can change your theme layout with the built-in layout function. No sidebar/sidebar layout is the flexible layout that you can change between main content only or main content with one sidebar. You can change the sidebar position between left or right. And, you can adjust the sidebar width between 25% or 33%.Column layout ...

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There are 17 widgets in Passport theme. Qpid Slider Widget Qpid Carousel Slider Widget Qpid Box Widget It comprises of seven posts. One big box and six small boxes. Qpid Featured Posts by Category Qpid Featured Posts by Post Format Qpid Tab Qpid Column Qpid Parallax Qpid Post List by Category Qpid Post List by Post Format Qpid Most Popular Posts Qpid Recent Posts with Thumbnail Qpid ...

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Passport theme is a clean and modern WordPress theme for magazines and blogs. It comes with responsive design, well flexible organized, and easily customized. Passport comes with many templates, such as large image template, medium image template, and masonry template. Custom post formats and widgets are supported. Features Three sample themes supported Flexible themes customization. You can change the sample themes to any design you ...

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Visit purple grape at Western vineyard

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Two Girls At The Sunset Field

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